14 May 2018 – The 6th Annual Micro Air Vehicle Challenge at Forum 74

Our Chapter sponsored the 6th annual Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Competition which was held during Forum 74 at the Phoenix Convention Center on May 14th, 2018.  Three University teams competed In the Autonomous Category with Vaughn College (Aerial Robotics) receiving $1000, University of Maryland (TerpCopter) received $500 for their package delivery system, and Penn State (Nittany Jugaadus) received honorable mention for their image recognition.  Two teams competed in the Manual Category with Vaughn College (UAV Club) recieving $2000 for “Best Remote Target Search” and University of Maryland (RC Flying Terps) winning $1500 for their “Innovative Design”.  Stay tuned for the 7th annual MAV Competition to be held January 19th, 2019 during the VTOL Symposium held in Mesa, Arizona.